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In all services, our goal is to help you put the nutrition pieces together to get the results YOU need.

* Please remember Lori Sullivan Nutrition's 24 hr. Cancellation Policy. If you reschedule, look for my confirmation email back to you to ensure I have your change on the schedule. 

* I am NOT a Medicare Provider, even for Medicare Advantage. Please be sure to tell me if you would like to pay out of pocket.

   FYI: Only a few diagnoses are covered by a Medicare plan for nutrition services.  

Our Services

Lori Sullivan Nutrition

Lori Sullivan Nutrition can offer you counseling and support in a variety of medical nutritional areas. I specialize in:

  • Eating disorders - Anorexia, Binge Eating, and Bulimia
  • Gastro-intestinal Issues - IBS, Celiac, FODMAP diet, Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Colitis
  • Weight Management
    • Non-diet approach for long lasting results. Diet sheets, specific calorie plans, daily meal intakes are not just handed out for you to follow. 
  • Food allergies or vegetarian nutrition, building a safe vegetarian lifestyle
  • Hypothryoidism
  • Diabetes meal plan modifications & education - Pre-Diabetes, PCOS, Type II
  • ​High risk obesity - Bariatric Surgery (pre and post surgery), Ketogenic Diet
  • Mental health related disorders and medicines that contribute to weight changes
  • Diet management for intense exercise and/or specific fitness goals
  • Cardiac and lipid disorders - Cholesterol/Triglyceride